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Friendship is

Meet friends, nearly identical to you, without the awkwardness. For free.

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Not for Dating

Meet people 3 at a time
Same gender only

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Private Profiles

Your profile is never public
Only see users you matched with

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Smart Matching

Self improving algorithm
150+ factors considered

How it works


Answer questions

about yourself

Tell us who you are by swiping through statement cards and completing different levels.

We’ll build a complete profile about your interests, your values, your personality and more.


We’ll add you to “Tribes”

with nearly identical users

Our advanced matching algorithm looks at over a hundred characteristics to form the best possible tribes.

Tribes are group chats of three people that were formed because they have a whole lot in common.


See why you matched

and start chatting

Each tribe has its own Shared Traits, Mutual Interests, and Common Goals.

Check them out and start chatting about your next get-together!

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No Smartphone?

Older friends & family members will be able to meet new friends too.